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On May 23rd members of the PID will vote for 5 new board members and I believe it's time for a change. I submitted my paperwork last September and was voted onto the board in January of this year after the Secretary of State postponed the November election (due to amount of data on the Rankin County ballot). The May 23rd election is in lieu of this change.

I am concerned at the lack of record keeping, there being no minutes from board meetings and the lack of a contract to maintain Hugh Ward Blvd. I am also concerned about the financial management of our PID dollars and the debt payment. Most of these items are requirements by the PID's own ByLaws.

I believe it's time for a change. I believe it's time for clarity. I plan to use this site as a landing place for the PID budget, board meeting minutes and information on the debt retirement that we are all paying for.

Please vote via proxy. (Click here if you can't locate your form.) This is the easiest way to make sure you don't forget... make your vote count!

The candidates are below:

Myself: Kevin Prince - Huntington Lake (current board member since January)

Lori Voss - Pinebrook

Marion Alford - Garden's of Manship

John Everitt, Jr. - Turtle Ridge

Marti Morgan - Turtle Ridge

Nathaniel Landfair - Turtle Ridge

Candy Hutchison - Turtle Ridge (current board member and president, 6+ years)

Robert Parrish - Huntington Lake (current board member, 6+ years & house is currently for sale)

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