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Parkway Update

Meeting with Andrew Embry with SchoggenScapes

October 25, 2023

Andrew, Leslie Smith and Lori Voss

• Met Andrew at 11:30 at Deer Park entrance and began at corner of Hugh Ward and

Manship Roads. Andrew numbered each median bed beginning at this intersection

(Bed No. 1).

• Andrew took notes at each bed and what would be needed. He will work up a proposal

for our review and approval. Most of the beds needed at least one or two replacements.

They will also be doing a large amount of cutting back of current, living bushes to

encourage new growth. They will do the planting and pruning in late winter/early


• One of the plants that will need some replacements is the ornamental grasses that were

planted earlier this year. Because several of them never greened up during the growing

season, Lori had already talked to Schoggens about there being some sort of warranty

on those and not charging the PID for their replacements. Schoggens agreed.

• Andrew brought up our irrigation system. He suggested we have water turned on and

let them diagnose the condition of the system. It is possible repair is not as expensive

as we think it will be. We located the sprinkler system controller mounted at the back

of the West Pinebrook entrance sign. We will need to vote on this.

• Pinestraw will be put out soon for the fall season and spring pinestraw will be put out

after all pruning is finished.


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