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October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

PID Board Meeting

October 14, 2021

In attendance: Marion Alford, Leslie Smith, and Lori Voss plus Kristi Thompson.

Meeting held at Gardens of Manship clubhouse. Meeting came to order at 6:10 p.m.

1. Board:

Still seeking another person to fill Kevin Prince’s vacancy. Both Leslie and Marion know of people who may be interested. Any interested party may contact any member of this Board.

2. Budget:

Kristi Thompson went over proposed budget for next fiscal year. They are having an issue with Hancock Bank not processing Interest and Principal Fund accounts properly. Money is not being transferred to proper accounts before payments are made. All money is accounted for, it is just not being transferred timely. Kristi has been trying to contact them to get this straightened out.

Assessments: After discussion about projected potential projects and the ending of the PID in a few years, it was decided to reduce the residential assessment to $425.00 per year from $450.00 and the acreage assessment to $950.00 per year from $968.00. Kristi will give this information to the Rankin County Tax Assessor’s office for processing.

The budget for the coming year was left mostly as it was from last year with the exception of the assessments mentioned above and the Capital Projects amount, which includes the current lighting project. It was decided to raise this amount from $200,000 to $400,000 (see below). Budget was approved.

3. Lighting:

Most of the boring work has been done along the boulevard. SEC told us in July this work would take 10-14 days, weather permitting, and they still have not finished.

We discussed replacing all poles again. Considering: 1) the age of the current poles and that we cannot match existing poles with new ones, 2) the end of the PID in a few years and the long-term aesthetic of Hugh Ward, and 3) the available funds for improvements, we will request an updated quote from SEC on replacing all poles with the goal of getting uniform, updated and dependable lighting all at the same time. Marion will request this quote from SEC.

There is specifically one pole at the 4-way intersection of West Pinebrook and Huntington that was knocked down several months ago. Marion will request a quote from SEC for replacing just that one pole and removing damaged pole and then file an insurance claim for replacement. Any recovered money from this claim will be applied to the lighting project.

4. Landscaping:

Now that boring work has been mostly completed for lighting, we will double back with Schoggins to look into replacing dead bushes/trees.

Lori sent out five letters to residents identified as having water run-off from their backyards into the grass between fencing and sidewalks along Hugh Ward. This has been causing a mowing problem for Schoggins. She received two responses, and other than one resident with a pool drainage pipe that is visibly directing water to this area, there may not be much the residents can do to correct run-off. If this continues to be a problem for Schoggins, we may need to have them present another solution to us that would require small drainage channels to get water directly to the street and storm drains.

5. Miscellaneous: There has been a semi-tractor parked on the East side of the Hugh Ward/Avalon Way intersection for several weekends. Lori is attempting to contact the owner of this tract, Heartland Development to see if they have given permission for this truck to be parked there. If not, we will contact the Rankin County Sheriff’s office to ask them to remove the truck.

6. Next meeting: January 20, 2022.

7. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


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