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July 2021 Board Meeting

PID Board Meeting

July 22, 2021

In attendance: Marion Alford, Leslie Smith, Jamine Banks and Lori Voss plus Chris Juarez from SEC Lighting.

Meeting held at Gardens of Manship clubhouse. Meeting came to order at 6:05 p.m.

1. Lighting:

  1. Chris Juarez gave an update on lighting project. Boring has begun and weather permitting should be completed in about 10-14 days.

  2. Next step will be to install 2 “boxes” to connect power and then poles can be wired and fixtures replaced. He estimates 30 days to complete project, weather permitting.

  3. Discussion on replacing all poles while we are doing this project. Three poles have been destroyed in traffic accidents over the years and are either missing or cannot be reused. We would replace 2 of these 3 poles, leaving the one at the far north end vacant. It is very vulnerable to being knocked down again. New poles that SEC would like to use for replacements do not match the existing poles. New poles will be black, existing poles are bronze/brown. Marion had asked Chris to give us an estimate on replacing all 32 (28 double head + 4 single head) poles which came in at $148,000.00. This increases the initial cost of lighting ($212,731.52) significantly. Pros of this approach would be uniformity of poles. Cons are the cost and delay of project by approximately 2 months. Leslie suggested we regroup poles so that the two new poles that are needed would be set up north of the Avalon Way/Hugh Ward intersection, thus separating new poles from the existing poles. One negative of this approach is that if more poles are destroyed or wear out south of the Avalon Way/Hugh Ward intersection, the replacement poles will not match. One solution to this is to have existing bronze/brown poles painted black. Even though styles may not exactly match, the difference would be hard to spot while driving down the street if the color was uniform. Painting could be done now or at any time if we start having to replace more poles south of the Avalon Way/Hugh Ward intersection.

We did not vote on the issue of replacing poles tonight. We need clarification on exact number of poles, which was questioned during discussion, and whether SEC can/will move any existing poles per discussion above.

After the meeting, Leslie rechecked the number of poles and confirmed the 28 + 4 numbers, but noticed the boring work was started south of the Manship Road/Hugh Ward intersection. This would change the numbering to 29 + 4, unless we do not install a new pole at the far north end (see above). If we do not, our numbers remain at 28 + 4. It is also possible the downed pole at the West Pinebrook entrance is usable. If we do not erect a new pole at the north end and are able to reuse the West Pinebrook pole, we only need one new pole.

Necessary action: Confirm downed pole at West Pinebrook is usable. Confirm SEC can/will move existing pole(s) to other location(s). Get estimate from SEC on cost of buying new pole(s). Vote needed on this to proceed.

2. Check signing authority:

With the resignation of Kevin Prince from the Pinelands PID Board, the Board voted to remove him as signator on all PID related accounts and not replace him with anyone on the current Board. As a result, Leslie Smith and Kristi Thompson are the only two approved to sign checks for this Board.

3. Board:

  1. Still seeking another person to fill Kevin Prince’s vacancy. Both Leslie and Marion know of people who may be interested. Any interested party may contact any member of this Board.

  2. Board voted to pay Board members $500.00 each for time period October, 2020 to September, 2021.

4. Landscaping:

  1. There are six dead or damaged trees that need to be removed along the boulevard. SchogginsScapes gave us a quote of $850.00 to remove all, grind the stumps and refill with dirt to allow grass to regrow the spots. Board voted to approve this work. We will revisit this in the winter to see if landscaping needs to be replaced in these areas.

  2. Schoggins asked us to address water run-off issues that are creating problems for them. There are several homes that back up to Hugh Ward that have excess water run-off coming under their fences and into the grass that Schoggins mows. It is also causing puddling on the Hugh Ward sidewalk that takes several days to evaporate, which makes walking and biking hazardous. We sent letters to three of the homeowners where run-off is coming from and one has called Lori to discuss. They have a pool and a pipe for pool overflow which is directed to the back of their yard and thus under the fence and into the Hugh Ward grass and sidewalk. As we discussed, this is a problem for Schoggins and those who use the sidewalk. She said she would ask her pool maintenance company (Bob’s Pool Service) if there was anything else that could be done about her pool run-off water. Lori will send out more letters as we determine where the run-off is coming from at the other problem areas along Hugh Ward. This may be a problem the homeowners are not able to remedy, at which time we will ask Schoggins for suggestions as to what can be done to redirect the run-off more directly into the street.

5. Budget:

  1. Fiscal year begins October 1, 2021. Board needs to review budget and approve prior to that. We don’t anticipate any major changes to budget except for an adjustment to Entergy expense once the new lighting is installed. Will have Kristi Thompson look at that and submit a budget proposal to Board.

6. Next meeting: October 6, 2021.

7. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.


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