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Board Meeting Minutes (old board 4/6/17)

Below are the minutes for PID Board Meeting 4/6/17. The purpose of this meeting was to review and revise Bid specs for RFP put together by Kevin Prince to be sent out the following week via email and listing in local paper(s).

Attendees: Robert Parrish, Candy Hutchinson, Declan Stoner, Kevin Prince

Topic: Hugh Ward Blvd Ground maintenance bid review

Bid Specs & Requirements:

Legal Requirements:

  • Licensed & Insured

  • Workers Comp (where required by state regulations)

Grounds Maintenance:

  • 24 - 26 Cuts Annually

  • Pick up trash prior to or while cutting (not discussed at meeting, added by Kevin)

  • Pine straw x 2 Annually

  • Edge every cut

  • Blow Clippings & Debris away from edge after cut

  • Clear sidewalks after cutting

  • mud, clippings, trash, etc.

  • Trim/Prune trees annually

  • Trim/Prune shrubs semi-annually

  • 8’ cut from outside of walking trail or to fences where applicable

  • Responsible for cost of sprinkler damage caused by equipment or crew used during maintenance

Chemical Maintenance:

  • Weed killer in beds and pine straw areas

  • Weed control to keep mowed areas free of all weeds

  • Fertilizer to keep grass strong & healthy

Area of Coverage:

  • Hugh Ward Blvd in Brandon, MS

  • North side of Manship Rd intersection continuing North to Spillway Rd.

Bid Details:

  • Annual Contract with level monthly billing x 12 months

  • 3 year agreement w/ Terms (not discussed at meeting, added by Kevin)

  • 30 Day written cancelation notice open to either party

  • 2nd & 3rd Year contingent on satisfactory completion of Year 1

Secondary Items Discussed:

Plant Replacement:

  • As needed with board approval

  • 1st option is bid awarded contractor with option to find secondary bid prior to any work approval

Irrigation Maintenance:

  • Spring maintenance on system to be performed by Wilson & Wilson to ensure system is at 100% prior to new contractor beginning work

Long Term Ideas:

  • Flowers at main intersections

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