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General Update

I wanted to share a few thoughts from the first 2 months of work with the new Pinelands PID board and some of the items we’re working on. You can read more specific details in the minutes from our board meetings if you’d like, but this is more my personal highlights of what I think people are most interested in.

New Board - I can honestly tell you that I am excited and happy to be working with the newly elected board. Each as already proven value and I’m certain that will only continue. We have 5 active and engaged members that are honestly looking out for the interest of each person paying into the PPID.

General Finances - We are in good shape. We have funds in hand for upcoming bond payments as well as maintenance expenses. We are in the process of determining collections needs for 2018 and will be finalizing that over the coming months. Also, 2014-16 audits are in the final stages of completion and will be available in the coming months.

Hugh Ward Maintenance - We have 2 companies (SchoggenScapes and Weed Warriors) that are working hard to get Hugh Ward Blvd back on track. It’s not going to happen overnight, but together these companies will get HW looking great in no time. We’ll have nice beds, weed free beds and grass with clean cut edges very soon! We’re also contracting to get the streets swept and the rocks removed which should also help a great deal.

Hugh Ward Lighting - We are looking into (and very early in the process) adding some lighting for the sidewalks up and down HW. The main center street lighting is not eligible to be replaced for another 4-5 years. At that time we will address that situation.

Wire Fraud Charge - Let me be as clear and to the point as possible. We have found no wrong doing by the previous board in regards to the wire fraud case. To our knowledge neither has local law enforcement or the FBI. There was a confidential settlement between the PPID and the bank in question which recovered the majority of the funds. Several of us on the board meet with the attorney that represented the PPID on this case. While we do not like that 100% recovery was not made we can understand why this was the case. The bottom line is the PPID recovered as much as possible without spending more money in attorney fees than could logically be justified and potentially cause further loss.

Lawsuits - The pending lawsuit between the Pinelands PID and Pinebrook HOA will hopefully be resolved soon. The main request from the lawsuit is for records since 2012. Unfortunately there appears to be very few records for the past 4 years including meeting minutes as required by the By Laws.

As always… if you have questions or comments feel free to message me directly through the site and I will respond as soon as possible.

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