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Quick yet Big Update

Quick Update to let everyone know of a few things going on along Hugh Ward in the coming months.

  • Resurfacing - Thank you to Daniel Cross and the board of supervisors for approving this project. Over the next few weeks you’ll see the full HWB be resurfaced.

  • Stop Signs - With the resurfacing will be the addition of a 4-Way stop at the intersection of W Pinebrook Dr & Huntington View.

  • Lighting - We are working with Energy to get the walking trails more lighting. We should have 4-5 test lights up in the coming week and if they work as anticipated we will add more along the blvd. We can not remove the solar lighting at the moment, but we can add lighting along the edge where the power lines are already run.

  • Trash Cans - In the spring we will be adding several trash cans along HWB in hopes to help with the trash people like to throw out along the blvd. A huge thanks to Keith Berry for sparking the idea!!

  • 2017 Financials. We will have our audited financials available early spring. The books have been closed out and will be reviewed in the coming months. Moving forward the current board will make sure this is completed on an annual and timely basis.

That’s enough for now. If you have ideas, questions, comments or concerns please send them through the contact us page.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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