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Board Minutes 2/12/18

Pinelands PID Board Meeting Minutes 2/12/18

Call to Order: 5:40 PM.

Members in attendance: Kevin, Lori, John, Marion. Absent: Marti

  • 2017 Recap

  • Kristi - getting engagement letter from Jeff on 2017 audit

  • Raymond Reed - New Administrator working with Christie to manage the PID books

  • Goals set for 2018 FY:

  • Refunding of Bond

  • Potential to save up to $1MM w/ either/or lower rate & shorter term

  • Lighting on Parkway

  • Trash cans on Parkway

  • Manship & Wirtz Rd Lighting & Beautification

  • 2018 Responsibilities

  • Hugh Ward beatification – Lori

  • Schoggin Scapes

  • Weed Warrior’s

  • 1 off issues

  • Irrigation

  • Don’t fix irrigation at the moment

  • Tank Truck if needed… getting quote from SchoggenScapes

  • Manship & Wirtz Lighting & Beautification - Marion

  • Secretary / Treasurer

  • Split between two board members

  • John to remain treasurer

  • Hugh Ward

  • Lighting

  • Working with the county to determine what if anything can be done about median lights.

  • Also have Entergy installing 5-6 lights on North end of parkway. This may be an option for adding lights to the power poles installed along the West side of the parkway.

  • Trash Cans

  • Quotes being generated to determine up front and long-term cost

  • General Maintenance

  • Sweeping of Parkway approved for 1-time sweep. Will re-evaluate future needs after initial cleaning

  • 2018 Budget

  • $1MM est. in Revenue account

  • $125K for Maintenance Budget

  • Motion to move maintenance budget from Hancock to Trustmark

  • 2nd John, Unanimous

  • Bond Refunding

  • Still being examined by Government Consultants, Inc. & Butler Snow

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