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Board Minutes 8/13/18

PID Board Meeting

August 13, 2018

In attendance: Kevin Prince, Marti Morgan, John Everett, Lori Voss, and Raymond Reed from Barlow & Co.

Meeting held at Lori’s office, Blair & Bondurant.

Meeting came to order at 6:00 p.m.

  1. Board Positions: Board positions were realigned in order to equitably distribute responsibilities as follows:

  2. President – Kevin Prince

  3. Vice President – Marti Morgan

  4. Treasurer – John Everett

  5. Secretary – Lori Voss

  6. At Large Member – Marion Alford

  1. Minutes: Kevin will put together minutes from February 12, 2018 meeting, John will put together minutes from April 16, 2018 meeting. Going forward, Lori will take minutes. If anyone else wants to take notes also, Lori will incorporate all into official minutes.

Update since meeting: All minutes are up to date.

  1. Landscaping: Several issues discussed:

  2. Awaiting quote from SchoggenScapes to move one trash can at intersection of Farmington and HW. Resident at that corner complained about placement.

  1. At intersection of Hugh Ward and Manship Road, the North two island beds, which are property of City of Flowood and not the PID, are in need of maintenance. SchoggenScapes gave us a quote of $75.00 per month to add these beds to their current maintenance of Hugh Ward (attached). Marti Morgan will contact Greg Wilcox with the City of Flowood to try to get them to maintain these areas better. We will table this until we can see how Flowood responds to our request. Lori informed Phil Schoggen of our decision.

  1. There is an area off Manship Road which runs between several lots of Deer Park and a gravel road. This area is owned by Bell South. (Bell South pays no taxes nor PID assessment because they are a public utility.) Lori will attempt to contact the proper person at Bell South regarding their maintenance of easement areas. (Raymond suggested the State Dept. of Revenue/Public Utilities.) Lori contacted Phil Schoggen to request a quote for SchoggenScapes to add that area to their maintenance. He will provide quote.

  1. John Everett submitted a request from Pinelands HOA to plant ornamental trees along their area of the PID between fence line and sidewalks. At meeting, Kevin asked John to submit plans for the plantings and we will vote via email. Lori contacted Phil Schoggen to ask his opinion and if it would affect our maintenance fee with SchoggenScapes. Phil responded that he would also like to see plans before giving us a quote. He will also make suggestions to plans after seeing initial ideas from Pinelands HOA.

  1. Irrigation again discussed. We know electrical component of irrigation system is OK. We will contact Phil Schoggen’s brother (Will Schoggens) to have him give a thorough look at our system and then a quote on fixing it.

Update since meeting: Kevin talked to Phil and SchoggenScapes will begin work on repairing irrigation. We e-voted to allocate $5,000 towards repairing as much as they can for that amount. We will re-assess after that.

  1. Lighting: Laura Oster from the Rankin County Comptroller’s Office told Kevin the county has purchased ten new wired, LED lighting poles. We voted to amend 2019 budget to allow $6,000 for electricity per year to light these poles, plus new ones as added.

Update since meeting: Kevin got estimate on electrical cost: a two-head street light will cost approximately $145.20 per year. Thus, for the ten initial poles the electricity cost will be approximately $1,452 per year. The $6,000 should adequately cover this cost plus additional poles as they are installed in the future.

  1. Accounting: Several items:

  2. Audit should be completed soon. They are requesting missing meeting minutes. We can now provide those.

  1. Bond refunding. We have provided all requested information to Government Consultant’s Inc & Butler Snow and are waiting to hear from them on how to proceed.

  1. Discussion to move up to $120,000 to Trustmark account. Will wait for exact amount before requesting transfer. Will have Kristi Thompson send letter to Susan Tsimortos.

  2. Motion to proceed by Kevin, Second by John, vote unanimous.

  1. In June we had an additional $221K in collections ($93K below plus another $128K received last month) on delinquent assessment.

  1. John made motion to add $15,000 to 2019 landscaping budget because of needed irrigation repairs. Motion passed. With this and the additional $6,000 for lighting, we are still $40,000 below collections.

  1. John asked Raymond for current balances in Hancock and Trustmark accounts.

  1. Next meeting set for October 15, 2018, at 6:00 p.m., Blair & Bondurant.

Meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.

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