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Addition to Minutes: Email Motions & Votes

The below are in addition to Meeting Minutes: Additional Motions/Approvals via Email:

  • 6/5/18

  • Motion to use HRK (Harper, Rains & Knight) for 2017 FY audit

  • Total Fee will be $6,250 plus any fees for consultation time

  • 8/20/18

  • Fix Irrigation system

  • The irrigations system has been broken for over a year now. Wilson & Wilson was contracted earlier this year to fix the electrical portion of the system and it is now fully functional.

  • We will now begin the process of fixing the broken pipes and sprinkler heads

  • We have authorized up to $5,000 to be spent on this

  • It will be a tedious process and we hope to have a fully functioning system soon

  • 8/18/18

  • Hugh Ward Street Sweeping

  • We have requested a quote and anticipate doing a similar street sweeping to the one completed earlier this Spring

  • 8/24/18

  • 2019 Budget approved

  • Reduced residential assessment by $22… From $487 to $465

  • See attached for actual budget - here

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