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General Update - Summer 2018

General Update

Let me first apologize for the delay in getting the previous minutes on the site. I am not a fan of excuses, but I’ll use one here… Between my wife and I welcoming a beautiful baby girl back at the end of June and a responsibility change at work early this year… let’s just say it’s been a busy year!!!

Here’s a general overview/update of the big items going on if you don’t want to read all the minutes:

  • PID Assessments are going DOWN this year.

  • Assessment will drop $22 and change from $487 to $465.

  • I know it’s not a huge reduction, but I can’t tell you how hard this board has worked to reduce expenses to save you $ while also increasing the quality of service along Hugh Ward Blvd.

  • PID Refunding (Refinancing)

  • We are also still working to get the bond refunded (refinanced) at a lower rate and anticipate, if successful, we could potentially save up to $1MM. We are working hard to try and make this a reality!

  • Hugh Ward Updates

  • Lights & Paving on Hugh Ward

  • A huge thank you to Daniel Cross and the board of supervisors for their help getting these 2 items approved.

  • Hopefully you’ve noticed but paving is completed!

  • REAL LED lights coming soon! – You’ll start to see them appear over the coming months.

  • A full street sweeping was also completed in the spring and we are working toward this being a more frequent occurrence.

  • Weeds/Beautifications

  • Hopefully you’ve noticed consistent maintenance of the blvd this year

  • The final step in this process is happening right now and why you see so many brown spots… removing the dallis grass!

  • We’re also going to fix the irrigation system starting next month. It’s been broken for 2+ years now but we are in a position to repair it now.

  • Trash cans along Hugh Ward/Manship

  • You’ll notice there are now trash cans along the walking trails now. These will be lined and emptied on a weekly basis. We hope this will help in the upkeep of the area.

  • If you feel so inclined, please help us Keep the Rez beautiful by picking up a bottle or two as you go on your walk. You now have several handy places to deposit them.

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