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January 2020 Board Meeting

PID Special Board Meeting – Landscaping Contract

January 7, 2020

In attendance: Kevin Prince, Leslie Smith, Jamene Banks, and Lori Voss

Meeting held at Willie B’s, Brandon.

Meeting came to order at 12:00 p.m.

  1. Board vacancy: Kevin set forth motion to add Jamene Banks to the PID Board; Leslie seconded motion and motion passed. PID Board now consists of Kevin Prince – President; Marion Alford – Vice-President; Leslie Smith – Treasurer; Lori Voss – Secretary; and Jamene Banks.

  2. Landscaping Contract: We received three sealed bids for our landscaping contract from ScogginScapes, Four Seasons Lawn & Landscape, and Green Lawn Service. The annual bid from ScogginScapes included pricing for both maintenance and weed control and totaled $78,300.00. The bid from Four Seasons Lawn & Landscape was for maintenance and Green Lawn Service for weed control totaled $73,400.00 annually. The bids were all discussed and Lori set forth motion to accept ScogginScapes’ bid, Kevin seconded motion and all voted to continue with ScogginScapes. Reasons behind vote: ScogginScapes has a proven record of good work along the boulevard. Even though their bid was higher than the two others, we did not want to separate the work to two businesses. We did this previously with ScogginScapes and Weed Warriors, but it took some time to work out schedules and other issues between the two companies.

  3. Hugh Ward Lighting meeting with Daniel Cross: Kevin met with Daniel Cross and Mike Harrison to discuss the lighting problem along the boulevard. At this time there are approximately 11 lights that need replacing between Manship Road and Spillway Road. Rankin County is ready to move forward with allowing the PID Board to address lighting issue, and Craig Slay will write an official letter to the PID Board authorizing us to replace light fixtures. Kevin has contacted Doug with Entergy to give us quotes on a couple of different options. One will involve buying lights outright, which is a larger upfront cost, and then just having the monthly charge for electricity. Another option is to rent the poles from Entergy, plus the monthly electricity charge. This pole rental charge would remain for five years, then expire. We will discuss this at next Board meeting when we will have more information from Entergy. Once median lighting is adequate, the cobra lighting along the west side of boulevard will be removed.

Next meeting: Monday, April 20, 2020.

Meal paid for by PID. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

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