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Kevin's Final Thoughts...

What a 4 years it has been!

I wanted to say Thank you and share some information with everyone regarding me and my family moving and therefore having to step down from the PID Board. It’s been a great honor serving everyone that lives inside the PID and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my final thoughts on the PID as I leave.

FYI, PID stands for Public Improvement District. I think that’s the question I get most :-)

4 years ago when Lori, Marion, Marti, John and I took over the Pinelands PID there were a lot of questions around the PID; It’s function and purpose, slow or no visibility on funding and audits, inconsistencies on mainlining Hugh Ward, bad lighting, etc. etc. etc. I couldn’t be more proud of this group and how far we have come in 4 years.

We now have a CPA firm managing the books to make sure all the nuances operating a PID and its finances are managed correctly and timely. Budgets are posted online for everyone to see, audits are completed each year and our banking relationships are stronger than ever. We have a contract with a landscape firm that makes sure Hugh Ward Blvd is consistently and well maintained. We have lowered assessments every year and have a budget planned out for that to continue until the bonds are paid off in 2028. And many other smaller items you might not even notice on a daily basis but make the area a better place to live.

And finally… the lights. While it was a noble attempt to be environmentally friendly with the solar lights, they just never did the job well. And now, the company that made the lights is out of business, parts are impossible to find for repairs and every day it seems another light has stopped functioning. Well… in 2021 that all stops!!!

Over the next several weeks you will see work being done along the boulevard to hardwire the existing poles, solar panels removed and new LED lights installed. ALL the lights will once again be functioning as they should and we couldn’t be more excited!!

In the past year or so, John and Marti have stepped down from the board and Leslie & Jamene have come on board to serve. Little to no disruption occurred doing those transitions and I anticipate the same with my departure.

Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing Hugh Ward and the PID area grow and thrive over the coming years!!


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